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Join Anna McKie in conversation with surrogates and parents who have navigated Australian altruistic surrogacy. Anna is a gestational surrogate, high school Math teacher and surrogacy educator working with Surrogacy Australia and running SASS (Surrogacy Australia’s Support Service). 

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Episode 48 – Rachel – surrogate

Rachel, from Melbourne, birthed as a surrogate in Adelaide September 2022 for a couple who were strangers and now life long friends. Matt and Aldo are now dads to their son Ari and have embraced Rachel as part of their modern family. Rachel’s story is also unique as she has not had children of her own before surrogacy.

Episode 46 – Angela – surrogate

Angela birthed as a surrogate in Tamworth in December 2019 for a couple who were friends of a friend and they connected through a facebook post. The parents, Casey and Andrew, live nearby with their first son Nate and surro bub Darcy. She is a single mum to four children of her own.

Episode 42 – Lisa – surrogate

Lisa birthed as a surrogate in Sydney in September 2023 for her brother Daniel and his wife Mira. They had a little boy, Angus, who made a big brother out of Thomas who was born through surrogacy in Canada. Lisa’s husband Vincent and two young daughters went on this journey together and have helped to expand a family. 

You can hear from her sister-in-law, Mira, in episode 43.

Episode 39 – Merindah – surrogate

Merindah birthed as a surrogate on the Central Coast in November 2020 for a couple who were previously friends through her wife’s work. They had a little girl, Josie, and the two dads live in Sydney.

This episode was recorded in October 2021.

Merindah’s wife Kelly can be heard (with 2 others) on an episode about Partners of Surrogates. Watch it on youtube or listen to it on episode 36.

Episode 34 – Talitha – surrogate

Talitha birthed as a surrogate on the Sunshine Coast on New Years Day 2023 for a couple who were previously friends. Talitha expressed milk for little Leo for 9 weeks, as well as direct feeding for the first 3 days until her milk came in. Their IPs, Sindia and Tom, are from Brisbane and Talitha and her husband, Barton, were friends with Dad Tom long before surrogacy.

Episode 31 – Lee – surrogate

Lee birthed as a surrogate in Adelaide, SA in June 2019. She carried for her cousin Hannah, who is a single mum, and they had a little girl, Imara. Lee has been an active member of the Adelaide surrogacy community, spoken at surrogacy seminars and has supported many of her surro sisters through their journeys.

You can hear Hannah share her story in Episode 28.

Episode 27 – Jess – surrogate

Jess and husband, Jayden, live in Adelaide with their 2 girls and she has birthed another 2 girls as a surrogate, Amalia in May 2020 and Oriana in July 2023. The dads, Baden and Nelson, previously strangers and now friends for life, live in QLD so their journey was long distance and in the peak of COVID the first time.

Episode 24 – Danni – surrogate

Danni birthed as a surrogate in Adelaide in February 2021 for a couple who were initially strangers and are now life long friends. She had a little girl, Evie, for Sarah and Ben. Danni was initially a gestational surrogate for the couple but they moved to traditional surrogacy – meaning Danni is also the egg donor. Danni is a SASS Surrogate Mentor, hosts our Zoom monthly catch ups, and is a very dear friend of mine!

Episode 17 – Sarah – surrogate

Sarah birthed as a surrogate in Adelaide in March 2023 for a couple who were initially strangers and are now life long friends. She had a little boy, Alfie, for Elle and Luke and made a big brother for Sonny. Sarah met bridesmaid Elle while photographing a wedding while heavily pregnant and also has a son named Sonny.

Episode 11 – Jemma – surrogate

Jemma, from north QLD, birthed as a surrogate in Brisbane in March 2023 for a couple who were initially strangers and are now life long friends. Despite her waters breaking 10 weeks early and an emergency C-section, she had a little boy, Rupert, at 32 weeks for two dads James and JimBob. Jemma is also an admin of EDA (Egg Donation Australia), has donated 13 times for 6 different families, with 7 babies born and 2 on the way!

Episode 8 – Kate – surrogate

Kate birthed as a surrogate in Sydney in October 2022 for a couple who were initially strangers and are now life long friends. She had a little girl, Vivian, for two dads Angus and Adam. YYou may have seen their team featured on channel 9’s show Big Miracles and can hear Adam’s version of this journey in episode 10.

Episode 4 – Allison – surrogate

Allison is a single mum living in Coffs Harbour, who birthed her third surrogate baby September 2022. Baby Charlie and his two dads also live locally, and the families knew each other socially before starting this journey.  Allison has previously birthed two boys as a gestational surrogate for other families in QLD, in 2013 and 2014, as well as helping 5 families through egg donation. She also helps run a support group for egg donors and surrogates on the NSW mid-north coast.

Episode 1 – Kirsty-Lea – surrogate

Kirsty-Lea birthed as a surrogate in QLD in 2020 for a couple who were initially strangers . They surro dated, then completed the surrogacy paperwork before a failed embryo transfer and one where the embryo didn’t survive being thawed out. They then juggled the intensity of hospital restrictions in 2020 to bring Anton into the world in November of that year.