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Join Anna McKie in conversation with surrogates and parents who have navigated Australian altruistic surrogacy. Anna is a gestational surrogate, high school Math teacher and surrogacy educator working with Surrogacy Australia and running SASS (Surrogacy Australia’s Support Service). 

These podcasts were recorded as part of our free, fortnightly webinar series. If you would like to attend one, check out our dates and registration links. The recordings can also be found on our YouTube channel so you can see the photos that are described in the recordings.
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Recent episodes

Episode 50 – Inducing Lactation

Shadi and his partner are also dads themselves through surrogacy twice. He takes us through:

❤️ What’s the name of the protocol you follow?
🧡 When do you need to start taking tablets?
💛 What pump did you use?
💚 How much should I expect to get each pump?
💙 How often to pump?
💜 Did you see a lactation consultant?
🤎 Did you have enough milk?
🤍 How long did you breastfeed for?

Episode 49 – Do surrogates get paid?

❗️ NO ❗️

Surrogates are not paid/compensated in Australia. We have our surrogacy and pregnancy related costs covered by the Intended Parents (IPs).

Episode 48 – Rachel – surrogate

Rachel, from Melbourne, birthed as a surrogate in Adelaide September 2022 for a couple who were strangers and now life long friends. Matt and Aldo are now dads to their son Ari and have embraced Rachel as part of their modern family. Rachel’s story is also unique as she has not had children of her own before surrogacy.

You can hear from one of her Intended Parents, Matt, on the YouTube recording when he was co-host on the webinar series.

Episode 47 – Sam – gay dad

Sam and his husband Sam from Coffs Harbour became parents to their son Charlie in September 2023. Allison, who also lives locally, was their surrogate and they knew her socially before starting their journey. Their egg donor, Claire, was previously work colleague of the other Sam and has been a part of their second family for many years already.

You can hear from his surrogate, Allison, in episode 4

Episode 46 – Angela – surrogate

Angela birthed as a surrogate in Tamworth in December 2019 for a couple who were friends of a friend and they connected through a facebook post. The parents, Casey and Andrew, live nearby with their first son Nate and surro bub Darcy. She is a single mum to four children of her own.

Episode 45 – Help us advocate for surrogacy

A recap of our webinar titled ‘Becoming an advocate for surrogacy in Australia’. If you’re keen to help us spread the word about surrogacy in Australia, regardless of what month/year you’re listening to this episode, please get in touch via email to volunteer your time. 


Episode 44 – Dr Shadi Khashaba

Shadi and his partner are also dads themselves through surrogacy twice. He takes us through:

❤️ How are the eggs collected from my donor?
🧡 How are the embryos made and genetically tested?
💛 What tests will the surrogate need?
💚 How is a surrogate’s menstrual cycle tracked prior to embryo transfer?
💙 Who is present at embryo transfer?
💜 Can a surrogate have a natural cycle instead of medicated?

Episode 43 – Mira – straight mum

Mira and her husband Daniel are parents through surrogacy – twice! Their first son, Thomas, was born in July 2021 in Canada with surrogate Nadine. Their second son, Angus, was born in September in 2023 with their surrogate Lisa. Lisa is Daniel’s sister and the two families live in Sydney.

You can hear from her sister-in-law, Lisa, in episode 42