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Join Anna McKie in conversation with surrogates and parents who have navigated Australian altruistic surrogacy. Anna is a gestational surrogate, high school Math teacher and surrogacy educator working with Surrogacy Australia and running SASS (Surrogacy Australia’s Support Service). 

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Recent episodes

Episode 58 – Menaka – straight mum

Menaka’s SASS team is the first that we have supported from their introduction with their surrogate through to birth and now beyond for a year. Menaka and her husband, Simon, from the Gold Coast became parents to their daughter Isabelle in October 2023. Isabelle was carried by surrogate Nikita, who lives outside of Brisbane, who was previously a stranger and now a lifelong friend. It was a very long journey to parenthood with 7 years of IVF, myomectomy surgery, joining SASS in 2019 and 2 years later being introduced to Nikita and her family. Definitely a marathon not a sprint! 

Episode 57 – Education – Is the child legally yours?

❗️ YES❗️

But it also depends who that question is directed to. The Intended Parents (IPs) will eventually be the legal parents of their child, however there is a process to follow in Australia. 

Episode 56 – Janna – surrogate

Janna birthed a little boy as a surrogate in Adelaide in October 2023 for a couple who were previously strangers and are now life long friends. Janna and her team have not only created an extended modern family but have all supported many other IPs and surrogates in the SA and National community over the years.

Episode 55 – Narelle Dickinson – Psychologist

❤️ Have you ever wondered what you will be asked in surrogacy counselling?
🧡 Will your team ‘pass’ the counselling stage?
💛 Why would anyone need counselling before they embark on surrogacy?
💚 Is there any benefit to having ongoing counselling as Intended Parents (IPs), or a surrogate, during pregnancy?
💙 What adjustments do the IPs and surrogates need to plan for in the year after surro bub is born?

Episode 54 – Jay – gay dad

Jay and his husband Mika from Melbourne became parents to their son Leonidas in August 2022. Their surrogate Kim, who lives in Adelaide, was previously a stranger and now a life long friend. Their egg donor, Sadie, is a family friend of both Jay and Mika. 

Episode 53 – Education – Can a surrogate breastfeed surrobub?

Yes, there is no law prohibiting direct breast feeding with a surrogate and her surrobub.

How many surrogates don’t produce any colostrum or milk?
How many do some colostrum and milk in the first week?
How many express milk for an extended amount of time?

Episode 52 – Nikita – surrogate

Nikita’s SASS team are the first that we have supported from their introduction (January 2021) through to birth and now beyond for a year. Nikita birthed as a surrogate in Brisbane, QLD in October 2023 for a couple who were initially strangers and are now life long friends. They had a little girl, Isabelle, and her parents are Menaka and Simon who live on the Gold Coast.