This website supports Australians who are planning on, or who are already parents via surrogacy arrangements. We are an incorporated charity, registered with the Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission.

To this effect, we work with

  • Academics to encourage quality research into outcomes for surrogates and children born through surrogacy
  • Media to dispel misconceptions around the motives, the process and the outcomes for intending parents, surrogates and children

Non-Executive Directors

All the positions below are voluntary roles, elected at SA’s AGM each year

  • President: Michael Langtree
  • Secretary: TBC
  • Treasurer: TBC
  • Government Relations: TBC
  • Corporate relations: Naomi Seddon
  • Domestic Intended Parent representative: Alex Tinsely, Adam Zuchetti
  • International Intended Parent representatives: TBC
  • Other board members: Dr Shadi Khashaba, Sam Everingham, Kate Fitzpatrick, Courtney Smyth

SASS Support manager:  Anna McKie (paid part-time)

Join our Board – see attachment below including where to email expressions of interest

Monthly report of SASS Statistics

Previous Board Members

Felicity Kennedy, Karen Mills, Keith Byrne

SASS Mentors

Intended Parents Surrogates
Straight Mums Danni Andrews (SA)
Kate Manning (WA) Charmaine Stall (QLD)
Leah Ellis (NSW) Leanne Mackay (NSW)
Trudy Bateman (NSW) Jodie Thompson (WA)
Jessie Schuhart-McRae (QLD) Beth Williams (VIC)
Sarah Wright (SA)
Hannah Smith (SA) (single mum)
Gay Dads  
Brendan Campbell (SA)  Martin and Paul Smith (VIC)
Mahesh Oliver (NSW)  Josh Bowman-Pinnock (ACT)
Will Novella-Reilly (NSW)  Adam Absolon (QLD)
Dan Culhane (VIC)

Previous SASS Mentors

Intended Parents Surrogates
Hetero couples Marnie McIntyre  (NSW)
Marian Sandberg (SA) Hayley Christidis (WA)
Lisa and Henry Leggett (VIC) Amber Steers (SA)
Zoe Stefan (QLD) Susan Gambale (QLD)
Kate Ranger (WA) Amanda Meehan (VIC)
Kristy Green (ACT) Madeline Greenberg (NSW)
Sarah Bagnall (ACT)
Gay Dads  
Juan Fernandez and Christian (NSW) John Doucas and Rick Evans (NSW) 
Ben Warner and Terry (QLD) Mike Collins and Glenn Trainor (VIC)
Dwayne Jude (QLD)