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Join Anna McKie in conversation with surrogates and parents who have navigated Australian altruistic surrogacy. Anna is a gestational surrogate, high school Math teacher and surrogacy educator working with Surrogacy Australia and running SASS (Surrogacy Australia’s Support Service). 

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Episode 53 – Education – Can a surrogate breastfeed surrobub?

Yes, there is no law prohibiting direct breast feeding with a surrogate and her surrobub.

How many surrogates don’t produce any colostrum or milk?
How many do some colostrum and milk in the first week?
How many express milk for an extended amount of time?

Episode 49 – Do surrogates get paid?

❗️ NO ❗️

Surrogates are not paid/compensated in Australia. We have our surrogacy and pregnancy related costs covered by the Intended Parents (IPs).

Episode 45 – Help us advocate for surrogacy

A recap of our webinar titled ‘Becoming an advocate for surrogacy in Australia’. If you’re keen to help us spread the word about surrogacy in Australia, regardless of what month/year you’re listening to this episode, please get in touch via email to volunteer your time. 


Episode 41 – The Fourth Trimester

The fourth trimester refers to the first three months after birth. This episode salutes one phenomenal resource which surrogacy teams should ALL use as their road map “Surrogate Post Birth Emotional Needs – A Guide for Intended Parents” by Psychologist Katrina Hale. 

Pair this episode with episode 37 – The Third Trimester.

Episode 37 – The Third Trimester

Amazing – is the answer from most surrogates. Hear the answers from 3 surrogates about their experiences.

Episode 33 – How does it feel to give away a baby?

Amazing – is the answer from most surrogates. Hear the answers from 3 surrogates about their experiences.

Episode 29 – What is GS and TS?

GS = Gestational Surrogate (not the egg of the surrogate)

TS = Traditional Surrogate (using the egg of the surrogate)

Episode 25 – Are you jealous when another woman carries your baby?

Each mum is different and it’s ok to have lots of different feelings. Mums through surrogacy may feel some initial jealousy, but they soon move past this and embrace the unique and beautiful way of bringing a child into this world. Engaging in some counselling with an experienced surrogacy counsellor is recommended to work through these feelings. 

One mum through surrogacy, Elle, talks about her feelings of jealousy in podcast Episode 16.

Episode 21 – What is a Surroversary?

An anniversary for the surrogacy team to mark a significant event (that is not the birthday of surro bub). There are also other milestones which should be celebrated as a team, and I’ll unpack these in this episode.

Episode 18 – what if the relationship dissolves post-birth?

This does happen sometimes because surrogacy is hard. Nobody wants this to happen. How can we try and prevent it?

Episode 15 – Do you get to see the baby?

Yes – is the answer from most surrogates. We become surrogates so we can continue to see the baby we birthed and also to continue the friendship with the Intended Parents (IPs). 

Episode 12 – Is surrogacy legal in Australia?

Yes – but we do the altruistic model, not the commercial model. What are the differences between the two? Who is the legal parent at birth? What steps do you have to go through legally before getting pregnant?

Episode 9 – How do I find a surrogate in Australia?

🤷🏻‍♀️ This is the million dollar question isn’t it?

As Intended Parents (IPs) you will find a surrogate who is either known or unknown to you. Which one are you more likely to find? How many surrogate births are there in Australia each year?

Episode 6 – How long does surrogacy take in Australia?

Are you an Intended Parent (IP) considering surrogacy but not how many months or years it will take? Once you’ve found a surrogate, how long might it take until you have your baby in your arms? How long do the different stages of the journey take? Can any stages be sped up?

Episode 3 – How much does surrogacy cost in Australia?

Are you an Intended Parent (IP) considering surrogacy but not sure if you can afford it? What is the average amount and what is a reasonable range to expect? Which part of the journey will cost the most and how do the costs blow out?