This series of 2 x 2 hour webinars provides the chance to learn about egg donor and surrogacy options here in Australia. You will hear from surrogates, parents, donors, surrogacy-conceived children, expert lawyers, counsellors and doctors. This is an extra-ordinary once-yearly opportunity to understand all aspects of this area.


  • What if I don’t know if domestic or international options are for me? This is a common issue. Try to attend both events to be fully informed
  • Will sessions be audio or video-recorded? We cant guarantee this due to the sensitive and emotional nature of some topics
  • How often is this conference? Once per year
  • Are there social functions? This year, due to Covid restrictions, the conference is online only

Event date and time: ONLINE Sat 14 Nov 2020 11.20am – 4.35pm (AEDST)

Ticket Cost: $15 per log-in (includes both 2 hour sessions) Register HERE 

11.30-11.50am Intro to Domestic Egg Donation & Surrogacy

Who is eligible, what qualities do you need to be suited to altruistic arrangements as a donor and recipient? Learn about the local options, the SASS program, Locating & Building Relationships how to utilise your own networks; dos and donts of surrogate engagement, staying in control over decision making; What supports are necessary? What are the likely timeframes, costs and time commitment?

Anna McKie, Surrogacy Australia

11.50-12.10pm Not Just a Pretty Face – Choosing Egg Donors    

Explains the key considerations to ensure you have the best chances, egg donor choices and the importance of semen analysis in preparing for donor-egg IVF and surrogacy Dr Bronwyn Devine, IVF Australia

12.10-12.30pm Donors Own Experiences

Donors discuss what motivates them, how they chose a recipient, what to look for, what an egg donor goes through medically, what are the logistics  and how they engage with the children of their recipients Panelists: Ashley Ford,

12.30-12.50pm Egg Donor & Surrogate-friendly IVF procedures

Understand the impact of medicated vs natural cycles. Understand what medical factors need to be considered in donor and surrogate screening to enhance success Dr Scott Salisbury, Queensland Fertility Group

12.50-1.10pm Understanding the Legal Issues

What are surrogacy agreements? Who writes them? Are they legally binding? What surrogate expenses are allowed? How does transfer of parentage work? What legal rights do Intended parents, donors and surrogates have? What if we disagree? Kate Cherry, Cherry Family Law

1.10-1.40pm The  Counselling Process

Relationships between surrogate, her partner and the intended parent are a key to success. Building relationships; what counselling should cover; what the counsellor is looking for; preparing yourself; potential impact on family members; Potential red flags; resolving Disputes Moderator: Miranda Montrone Sarah Nowoweiski, Narelle Dickinson


2.30-2.50pm Breast Milk & Induced Lactation Options

Breastmilk is one of the most effective way to enhance child health, yet often child via surrogacy miss out. Some surrogates express milk – others will not. Intending mothers can take medication to induce lactation. Parents can also supplement formula with donated breast milk, sourced via informal networks or charities such as Mothers Milk Bank. This session reviews the range of health, safety and psychological issues to consider for both those providing milk and recipients Marea Ryan, Mothers Milk Bank

2.50-3.20pm Parent Panel

Australian parents via domestic surrogacy join a panel to explore how expectations can differ, how to come to agreements on crucial issues; How support needs were or were not met; What were the toughest aspects; how to survive the unexpected hurdles; Managing expenses, communication, trust  and more. Moderator: Rita Alesi Panelists: Trudy Bateman, Tamara Greenan, & Shaun Larkin (gay dad)

3.20-3.50pm Surrogate  Panel

Australian surrogates who carried for a previously unknown recipient or for a relative explore how expectations can differ, how to come to agreements on crucial issues; How support needs were or were not met; What were the toughest aspects; how to survive the unexpected hurdles; Managing expenses, communication, trust  and more.

Moderator: Katrina Hale Panelists: Susan Gambale, Jessica Beaven, Suzanne Pearl

3.50 – 4.15pm Donor & Surrogacy Conceived Young Adults

An extraordinary panel of older children and young adults via ED or surrogacy discussing what and when their parents told them, their sense of self, whether they maintain relationships with donors, surrogates and what they disclose to their own peers Panelists: Ethan Chiang-Cruise (via US surrogacy), Alice Clarke (via AU surrogacy), Tamzin McLean (donor conceived)

4.15 – 4.35pm Surro-Siblings – The Impact of Surrogacy on Families

Older children of Australian surrogates discuss their attitudes to their mum carrying for someone else; the impact on their own family; interactions with friends, and their relationship with the child(ren) their mum carried

Moderator: Miranda Montrone Panelists: Tyler-Rose Staal, Molly McKinnon + 1 more