To help you first navigate surrogacy in Australia, we have complied a list of useful publications, podcasts and short articles.

Fertility Connections forum

  • An online forum for intended parents and surrogates (website)

Australian Surrogacy Community

  • A Facebook group for intended parents and surrogates that provides guidance, advice and support (Link)

Australian Surrogacy Handbook

Labour of Love

Australian Surrogacy Podcast

  • Stories about surrogacy from intended parents and surrogates (more information)

Families Through Surrogacy

  • A consumer-based non-profit organisation that focuses on education for intended parents, through conferences, seminars and customised support. Provides support for those considering surrogacy in Australia, US, UK, Canada, Ukraine , Georgia, Greece and elsewhere  (website)

Surrogacy Provider Ratings

  • A trip-advisor style service to  view and rate Surrogacy agencies; IVF clinics; Egg provider agencies & Law firms providing surrogacy related services in Australia and globally. Hosted by Families Through Surrogacy. Link here

VARTA (Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority)

  • A statutory authority funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services that is guided by the principles set in the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 (website)
  • VARTA provides independent information and support to Victorians however their website provides useful information for parties across Australia