To help you first navigate surrogacy in Australia, we have complied a list of useful publications, podcasts and short articles.

Miscarriage Support

Pink Elephants is an Australian charity offering peer support to women and couples coping with the grief around early miscarriage.

Fertility Connections forum

  • An online forum for intended parents and surrogates (website)

Australian Surrogacy Community

  • A Facebook group for intended parents and surrogates that provides guidance, advice and support (Link)

Australian Surrogacy Handbook

Labour of Love

Australian Surrogacy Podcast

  • Stories about surrogacy from intended parents and surrogates (more information)

Growing Families

  • A consumer-based non-profit organisation that focuses on education for intended parents, through conferences, seminars and customised support. Provides support for those considering surrogacy in Australia, US, UK, Canada, Ukraine , Georgia, Greece and elsewhere  (website)

Surrogacy Provider Ratings

  • A trip-advisor style service to  view and rate Surrogacy agencies; IVF clinics; Egg provider agencies & Law firms providing surrogacy related services in Australia and globally. Hosted by Families Through Surrogacy. Link here

VARTA (Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority)

  • A statutory authority funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services that is guided by the principles set in the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 (website)
  • VARTA provides independent information and support to Victorians however their website provides useful information for parties across Australia