How to become an Intended Parent (IP) with SASS

Step One

Complete an application form to join SASS.
Initial membership requires a non-refundable administration fee of $990 per application.

The $990 is a combination of:

  • Education and Mentoring
  • Profiling

Bank details

  • ANZ, Neutral Bay, NSW
  • Surrogacy Australia
  • BSB: 012-352
  • Acc num: 419 452 874
  • Identify this by: first and last name

Intended Parent Application Form (looking for a surrogate)


Intended Parent Application Form (already have a surrogate)

The $990 covers Education and Mentoring as well as coordination with your surrogate to guide your team through the initial stages of surrogacy.

Step Two

If you are already engaged with a Fertility Clinic and your Fertility Specialist has confirmed that you are eligible to pursue surrogacy, then they can write this report on your behalf. Please provide them with the form below.
If you are a same sex couple or are not yet engaged with a Fertility Clinic, book a consult with your GP to complete this report together and send it to SASS.

Step Three

Complete a National Police Check for both Intended Parents (if applicable). The cost of this is approximately $42 per check.

You will need to choose the following options when prompted:

  • Section 2.3 Purpose of Check
  • Purpose type: Commonwealth Employment
  • Purpose 37: Care, Instruction or Supervision of Children/Care of Disabled Persons/Aged Care Staff/volunteers

If you (or your partner) have a current National Police check done within the last 12 months, please forward that. Note: it must be a check done at a National level.

Step Four

Complete an online communication quiz (Love Languages) about the 5 Communications styles, selecting either the Couples or Singles quiz, depending on your own situation with a partner or not. If there are two IPs, you need to complete the couples quiz individually as we need two sets of results.
Click here

27 March 2024 – it has been brought to our attention that the Love Languages quiz now requires you to pay to receive your scores in detail. Please send through a screenshot of your results regardless. We are looking at options but also open to suggestions if you have any!

Step Five

Have a Mentor session with an experienced SASS IP.
We will arrange this with you when the other steps of your application are complete.

This is your chance to ask any questions and learn about surrogacy with an experienced IP who has completed surrogacy in Australia. This 1 – 2 hour long Zoom session (or a meeting in person) will help you work out if surrogacy is the right path for you. After this session, you may need some pre-surrogacy counselling with and experienced surrogacy psychologist to help you to work through your emotions, possible grief and the deeper implications of surrogacy. The cost of this session is included in the non-refundable $990 administration fee.

If you already have a surrogate, this session is included in your $550 payment for the Education and Mentoring package.

After this consultation you will be placed in our pool of potential IPs who are waiting for a surrogate to select their profile. If you are chosen by a Surrogacy Australia surrogate and select her profile when given the chance to review it, an introduction will be made. Introductions themselves are free.

If you team decides to stay on for Journey Support, you will be asked to pay the remaining membership fee of $3000. More information about Journey Support will be uploaded shortly.

Submit all forms/results to Anna at:


Monthly Update of SASS member numbers of surrogates and IPs.

SASS Flow chart and costs of Stage 1 and Stage 2

IPs from VIC? Read here about IVF clinic counselling.

Testimonials about SASS and member feedback

Hear about the whole SASS process in this recorded webinar

1 hour and 11 minutes.

Suitable for surrogates and Intended Parents.

Yes – that’s a lot of time. Surrogacy will be an enormous amount of time, so consider this hour an investment in your journey.