2019 October Seminar Series 

The next National conference is in June 2020 in Brisbane, but in October 2019 there are seminars in mainland capital cities hosted by Growing Families. Surrogacy Australia will be running sessions at these. For full details, click here




Ben Sayer  Surrogacy lawyer, VIC Admitted to practice in the High Court and the Supreme Court of Victoria, Ben is a member of the Law Institute Of Victoria. He has advocated extensively in Family Law and has represented clients in relation to domestic altruistic surrogacy for over a decade.  He has advised extensively on domestic and international Adoption and Surrogacy, and takes a personal interest in this unique and specialised area of law.
Kate Cherry Surrogacy Lawyer, QLD Kate has a passion for family law, having worked almost exclusively in the area since entering the legal profession in 2000. In 2010 Kate represented the Applicants in the first Surrogacy case ever determined in Queensland. This was a landmark decision which became a platform for Kate to assist many other couples in Queensland and elsewhere with altruistic surrogacy arrangements and transfer of legal parentage to the intended parents.
Sam Everingham Surrogacy Australia Sam is dad to two girls Zoe & Ruby via surrogacy and has become one of the globe’s foremost commentators and researchers on surrogacy trends. He convenes conferences and seminars for intended parents in Ireland, UK, Australia and Scandinavia. Sam consults with singles and couples from around the globe to assist them to plan safe and reliable routes to building families through surrogacy. He continues to promote best practice through advocacy, education and research. He founded Surrogacy Australia in 2011 and sits on an advisory group for the Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority.
Anna McKie, Surrogacy Australia Anna is a school teacher and is closely involved the Australian surrogacy community.  Anna is currently matched as a surrogate with a South Australian couple and leads Surrogacy Australia’s new Support Service
Sacha Matras Surrogacy Lawyer, NSW Sacha has practised exclusively in the area of Family Law since 2009 and with nearly ten years experience is able to provide strong advice and quality representation in a parenting and children’s matters, defacto separation and surrogacy and fertility law
Simone Cureton Simone has one daughter who is  13 years old and a step daughter who is 11. Simone had one false start in trying to meet IPs and because of that experience decided to look locally. Her  IPs, Mel and Dave, are in Adelaide. Coincidentally they  joined the SA group around the same time in April 2017 and began chatting end of June 2017. They attended a local catch up dinner in July 2017 and met in person – it was like meeting people she had known  a while. Mel and Simone decided to have lunch. Very soon after that, Simone officially offered. She birthed in December 2018
Marnie Blair Marnie is a gestational surrogate living with her husband and two young children in North-West Sydney. Before engaging IPs, She and her husband sought counselling from a well regarded surrogacy counsellor.  In February 2017 she met her Canberra based IPs through the Australian Surrogacy Community Facebook page. She birthed her first surrogate baby in August 2018.
Amanda Meehan Amanda is a 30 year old mum to four kids of her own and lives in South-east Melbourne. She used her own eggs in a traditional surrogacy arrangement for a same sex Victorian couple and gave birth in March 2018. She will talk about the experience and the headspace involved in traditional surrogacy as well as post birth emotions.
 Sarah Bagnall Sarah met her intended mum Lauryn on the ASC Facebook page back in April 2017 and in person (along with her husband David) at Melbourne Surrogacy Conference in June 2017. They spent the next 5 or so months getting to know one another more, meeting Sarah’s two daughters who adored them straight away. Although in different states (Melbourne and Canberra), Sarah offered to carry in September 2017, and 18 months later they welcomed a baby girl into the world.
Shaun Larkin Shaun and his partner Jeremy began their surrogacy journey in 2016, research both local and international options. In 2017 they went through two egg donation cycles with their best friend Steph, and began the surrogacy process in Victoria with their QLD-based surrogate Nicolle and her wife Jane, who they had been introduce to by mutual friends. They were lucky to achieve a pregnancy on the first transfer, and in March 2019 Nicolle gave birth to Shaun and Jeremy’s beautiful son Elio.
Ben Warner Ben  and his partner Terry  live in Brisbane, Queensland and have been together 8 years. Their daughter Ivy was born on 3 January 2018 in Geelong, Victoria via an altruistic surrogate after 3 years of planning. Ben and Terry looked at many different options, including commercial surrogacy, before deciding to pursue altruistic surrogacy in Australia. While the process wasn’t without its hiccups, it was all worth it the moment they finally got to meet their daughter and see their dream of a family become a reality. Ben is a mentor with Surrogacy Australia Support Service
Kate Ranger Kate found out at 16 that she had MRKH –  at the time surrogacy was illegal in WA. Years later , with surrogacy now legal in WA, Kate and her husband started looking to surrogacy. They attended an FTS seminar in 2015 – and didnt look back, attending every one available in PErth.  While attending an FTS seminar in late 2016 they met Michelle. After months of chatting, Michelle offered to carry. Kate will discuss the paperwork, egg retrievals, embryo transfers, as well as the nerve-racking birth of Jack. Their surrogate Michelle will share her own side of this extra-ordinary story.
Lauryn Jordan Having known from a young age that she could never carry herself, when it came time to start this journey Lauryn & her partner well aware of what was and wasn’t possible. Although they didnt truly imagine they would have a beautiful healthy baby girl Everlie, just 2 years after meeting their Surrogate at an FTS conference. The most precious thing gained (apart from Everlie) was the life long friendship with their Surrogate Sarah and her family. Lauryn will talk about putting time into building strong foundations to carry you through hard times, including miscarriage. Their team’s strength was grounded in humour, honesty, respect and admiration.
Tamzin McLean

Tamzin is a 20 year old who works at Grill’d and lives in Blackburn North. Her Mum and Dad required an egg donor after her Mum was incorrectly diagnosed with early menopause. They used a known donor. Tamzin was conceived on the 2nd attempt and her younger brother was conceived on the 5th attempt. Tamzin has known of her creation story since she was 2 years old.