• Ensures you have access to confidential advisory support from an experienced  surrogate to help you set expectations and understand the journey
  • So your time isn’t wasted, introduce you only to intended parents who
    • understand how altruistic surrogacy works
    • match what you are looking for in regard to location, age, thoughts on termination, birth preferences and support needs
    • are emotionally and financially ready for surrogacy
    • have already had a police check
    • have been confirmed as medically & legally eligible
    • are serious about a friendship-based surrogate relationship
    • have been screened by a counsellor where required
  • Provides a neutral third party to assist with clear communication between all parties
  • Provides a financial safety net for expenses management by ensuring you are provided with an automatically topped up credit/debit card
  • Provides counselling by specialist surrogacy psychologists whenever you require confidential support, without the need to ask or worry IPs


  • Increases your chances of locating a surrogate who you get on with and will stay friends with
  • All surrogates are pre-screened as medically & psychologically suitable
  • Provides you with customized education and insights to help manage your expectations and financial planning
  • Provides your surrogate with peace-of-mind that YOU have been well prepared and screened
  • No need to put your story on social media and sell yourselves to potential surrogates
  • Provides confidentiality. Your name and contact details are not released to any surrogate until they want to meet
  • Provides professional support not currently available to assist you in a lengthy process
  • Ensures your surrogacy expenses are managed smoothly, minimizing tension and the need for back-and-forth